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New Larger 3 oz Version 8.4 Upass synthetic urine by Safeguard is your best friend for calibrating urinalysis equipment! Clean synthetic urine carfully premixed in a laboratory with all the necessary components of human urine, including proper creatine levels, specific gravity, and ph balance making it the best fake pee around.  Unlike human urine, Upass is much safer to use and handle. You have nothing to worry about with Upass Synthetic Urine because the urine you're using isn't yours, which could  contain toxins or dangerous bacteria.  U pass contains no contaminants that could adversely affect anothers health, it is a high grade synthetic urine that is so well made that even scientific laboratories could not tell the difference.

Upass is perfect tool for equipment calibration and more.  The urine is so convincing that it can be used to calibrating equipment, as an at home control sample, a useful hunting tool, fetish roll playing,  and to prank even the wisest individuals. As long as the synthetic urine  is prepared properly, there is no way to tell that it's fake. Upass synthetic urine is toxin free, easy to use,  and can be prepared in as little as 15 seconds. As long as you have some on hand, you'll never have anything to worry about.

Shipping is fast and discrete. All items come in a plain box with no outside markings. The name of the website will not be on the outside of the package. Orders normally ship same day when placed before 3pm, eastern standard time. All Orders come in a small plain envelope or plain box for larger orders so no prying eyes will ever know. Your secrets are safe with us.Submit your order today it is so easy.